The Applied Improvisation

to Create Leadership Presence Workshop

with Hal Peller

Featured at the AIN World Conference Los Angeles

Peter Onorati star of stage, film and television ,​​ currently in CBS's S.W.A.T.

“"My first experience in Improvisation came as part of an Improv group Hal Peller put together. I was still an MBA marketing executive at the time. There was something about this positive training that gave me an edge at my job. Now almost 30 years later, I carry that creativity and the ability to heighten and explore every moment of performance with me each day of my acting career. There is no better training for an actor to help him create life or for any person endeavoring to LIVE their life, than what I learned from Hal Peller."

Jaygee Macaupugay – Just finished a 2-year run of Andrew Lloyd Weber's School of Rock

“… I knew I would learn a lot from Hal Peller after taking just one class.  He loves improv and it shows in his teaching.  Thank you Hal for helping me to embrace this intimidating art form.  I’m addicted too."

University of Georgia Professor and Author, Reginald McKnight.

“I somewhat reluctantly enrolled in Hal Peller's improv class in the summer of '10. Reluctantly, because though I am a university professor, have published several books of fiction, and frequently give public readings and lectures, I am, by nature, shy, a little socially stiff and awkward. But after just a couple of exercises in Hal's workshop, you'd have thought I'd undergone a full-scale personality transplant. Folks, I will never be an actor, but what I learned that day has transformed me as a thinker and a writer and as a teacher. It was like oil on all my rusty gears, like water on my parched inner gardens. And it was fun! I couldn't recommend anything or anyone more highly”               

Lettie Battle from the original cast of the Wiz on Broadway.

"...Hal Peller's Improvisation Workshops have been an inspiration to me... His genuine compassion is woven throughout the workshop... He provides an atmosphere ...conducive to trusting one's self. Yes, I have honed my improvisational skills, but more importantly, I have become a more sensitive and caring individual..." -

Certified Practitioner

Applied Improvisation

to Train the Trainer Workshop

with Hal Peller

Featured at the AIN World Conference 2019
at Alan Alda School of Communication 

at Stony Brook, Long Island, NY

​​​Improvisation is Transformation

​Applied Improvisation Can Transform Your
Company or Organization

"Train the Trainer"

Whether you are preparing to be a professional trainer, or you are someone who does a bit of training as a part of their job, you’ll want to be prepared for the training that you do. Improvisation is the "aha" method of teaching  and learning.  Any training using this process will stick. Better retention and your attendees will have so much fun while they learn. Playing games with the focus of the training point will distract the player and make the training point come in loud and clear.

“Leadership Presence – How to Develop Relationships and Influence Teams”

Whether you are a keynote speaker, addressing a board room or even at the water cooler your presence is felt the moment you come within proximity. You are not born with this ability it can be learned using applied improvisation. The improvisation process aids participants to focus on the learning points needed and to have an ‘aha’ moment as they feel the transformation. Trust is the foundation of all relationships and is key in developing a presence. Participants will learn how to develop trust by becoming more approachable and open.  *NO FALLING EXERCISES WILL BE PERFORMED AT THIS WORKSHOP.